painters TUBES magazine issue #12

The new 52 page painters TUBES magazine (issue #12) is now on line.
Features include a 12 page article by Colin Taylor (UK painter) musings about Landscape whilst wandering about the mountains in Chile.
David Tycho (Canadian painter) writes about the 100 years grudge that has ensued between figurative and abstract art. Tubes Editor Denis Taylor, gives an intimate preview of Richard Fitton's new show at the Whitaker Art Museum in early May. Dean Entwistle (painter who specialises in Tempera) is taken with the purest sensational work of Elaine Preece Stanley (UK artist) André Chahil, asks if you think "is this a real Van Gogh?" and our resident critic 'Spike' goes on a rant about Photography and painting.
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painters TUBES magazine - new issue
painters TUBES magazine new issue
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