tubes artists gallery- new 3D exhibitions

introduction to the galleries by the curator Denis Taylor....

"...we are so lucky to live in a time where Art and painting in particular is so diverse and so readily available to view - remotely or otherwise. I have visited the studios of a number of the artists featured in TAG issues #1 and  #2 - And I must admit that it is the best way of really ‘seeing’ the work and delving deeper into what the artists create and why. 

With the increase in speed of all devices, from ipads to smart phones, the 3D exhibition world has now become a dynamic reality with limitless possibilities to help promote and sell a work of Art to a much wider and culturally diverse audience. painters TUBES magazine have planned to introduce this new 3D platform for artists groups and individuals, as a welcome addition for our on line total audience, which is now approaching over 90,000 and increasing daily.

Our new platforms will help even further to open even further our growing global audience for the work of artists featured within them 
Below are the first two Gallery catalogues which we published this year.

Each Three Dimensional Exhibition (12 per year) will have its own dedicated catalogue for an artists solo or mixed exhibition - for more information contact TUBES at